Over the past decade, the world of information technology has opened doors for small companies to be as competitive as their large counterparts, creating a constant demand for interconnectivity and inter-office collaboration. With this development, hackers and criminals become increasingly effective at comprising networks, as they have quickly developed new and ever more malicious threaths to network security.

iSecure Networks, Inc. has sought to understand and implement industry-identified and proven strategies to confront critical network challenges. Being one of the leading IT security distributors in the Philippines, we have carved a niche for enablement of secure information exchange via multiple applications over the internet.

iSecure Networks, With the increasing demand for secure internet navigation, we have allied with world-recognized brands to pave the way to secure network architecture and conform to the ever-evolving needs of information technology and the local IT market. Ourcore products underwent rigorous testing affirmed by international award -giving organizations for global standards compliance and certifications that address the most demanding security requirements of public-sector organizations and commercial enterprises locally.

Our strength revolves around selling, marketing and implementation of thoroughbred IT products, coupled with our ability to support and adapt to the constant changes and advances brought about by information technology. This enables us to provide service of uncompromised quality that is a par with international standards.

To extend our market coverage, we work hand-in-hand with select system integrators and value-added resellers, providing them with a broad spectrum of essential tools in security intelligence, furthered by revenue-generating oppurtunities that help expand their business horizons.

We recognize the importance of flexibility, reliability and responsiveness - these comprise our formula for achieving total customer satisfaction. Backed by our technical support team, each an expert in his own field of specialization, our organizations transcends focus in assuring that our clients are given the quality of service and attention they deserve.



The mission of iSecure Networks, Inc. is to gain market dominance in the propagation of secure network infrastructures accross all industries. We employ systems that ensure your enterprise, track regulatory compliance and enforce cost-effective security policies, thereby giving business owners peace of mind. We advocate an environment focused on furnishing need-based services that grows with business, coupled with the delivery of total customer satisfaction. By keeping ourselves at the forefront of innovation, we propel growth both of our clientle and industy partners - enabling them to gain the competitive advantage.

iSecure Networks Inc. provides a full suite of networking and security products that gives leverage to companies, big or small, to stay afloat in today's competitive business environment. It has forged alliances with the world's most recognized brands such as Astaro Corporation, Kasperlsy Labs., Aep Networks, eEye Technologies Inc., Pheenet Technologies. These encompass precise system planning, calculations and simulations with cost implications and future expansions in mind, giving you the best solutions tailor-fitted to the requiremennts of your company.

iSecure Networks Inc. lives by its own vision for excellence and strong loca lpresence. With this mind, it has formed strategic partnerships and affiliations with the leading System integrators and Value-Added Resellers in the country to broaden its portfolio in leaps and bounds. To strengthen its visibility in the local arena, iSecure Networks Inc extends lucrative sales programs, marketing and dedicated technical support, extensive certification and training. These not only equip partners with the essential knowledge for deploying industry-standard network infrastructures, but it also creates multi-revenue opportunities.

We boast of our expertise built on years of comprehensive education and unparalleled experience. Our proficient network consultants offer end-to-end integration of Open Source Systems, Security Product Design and Implementation. This encompasses precise system planning, calculations and simulations with cost implications and future expansions in mind, giving you the best solutions tailor-fitted to the requirements of your company.

iSecure Networks provides a comprehensive and flexible porfolio of support and education/training services to suit each company's specific applications. Our highly skilled and certified professionals and readily available to support your systems for planning and commissioning through everyday operations. With our vast knowledgebase., we are capable of addressing needs of new technology integration,monitoring and troubleshooting. We also offer expert education and technical certification programs to help the customers develop and enhance their own expertise through standard measures and programs, Web trainings, customized workshops and hands-on lab sessions.

iSecure Networks provides a comprehensive and flexible portfolio in providing technical support, professional services, and education /training programs to help customers and partners to value from their network and security investments. Support Sevices provides web, email and phone support or even onsite support to customers networks demand and let customer select from a variety of options. Professional Services provides customized consulting services to assists customers in planning and designing networks with efficiency Knowledge Training delivers expert education and technical certification programs to help customers build their own expertise through standard measures and programs, Web Trainings, customized workshops and hands-on lab sessions.