Pepwave AP One access points offer fast, affordable, and dependable wireless networking without administration headaches. Ready for anything and built to go anywhere, AP One access points deliver enterprise-grade Wi-Fi that drops in quickly and immediately gets to work -- so you can get back to your work.

Cloud-Based Management. Anywhere, Anytime.

Minimize Wi-Fi management hassles with the AP One series and the Peplink Balance with WLAN Controller. Fully integrated with the Peplink Balance, our WLAN Controller makes it easy to configure, manage, update, and report on up to 500 AP One devices from a single intuitive interface. Prefer the flexibility of cloud-based administration? Our InControl remote management system gives you complete control over every device on your network and in-depth reporting with just a few clicks, all from a simple, yet powerful, web-based tool that’s available anywhere you have online access and a supported browser.

Rugged Enterprise Networking. Up for Every Challenge.

The AP One family of access points is engineered with today's increasingly distributed and mobile enterprise in mind. Packed with business-class features and housed in rugged enclosures that withstand vibration and temperatures from -20 to 65°C, AP One access points deliver dependable and fast performance both indoors and outdoors -- even in extreme environments. TruePower RF technology eliminates dead spots and interference wherever you deploy your network, and every channel runs at full power to give you greater Wi-Fi coverage with less equipment, maintenance, and cost.

Focus on Your Business. Not Your Network.

At Pepwave, our job is to take care of the network for you. Our engineers dedicate themselves to bringing you plug-and-play enterprise networking that never sacrifices advanced features or flexibility. Just drop any AP One series access point into your network, configure with a few clicks, and you're up and running. In seconds, you get enterprise-grade Wi-Fi that's tough enough to handle any deployment, easy enough for non-technical personnel to install and manage, and smart enough to get out of your way so you can focus on what you do best.